The essential characteristic
of our Global Risk Evaluation Integral Services for the Optimisation of costs

We are a young company with over 30 years of experience

TAU IRMS is a company formed by senior professionals with vast experience in Risk Management and the Reinsurance Sector.

We offer operative security to our Clients in the following five fundamental areas:

  • Assessment
  • Risk Engineering
  • Loss Handling
  • Reinsurance
  • Loss Adjustement

We at TAU IRMS have vast experience in Latin America. Our professionals are fully aware of the laws, standards and internal policies of each country. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients the best possible solutions.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is very direct:
We work with our clients
as partners

We understand their needs and requirements,
which enables us to offer creative solutions.

We create solid relationships with our clients, so that they can be maintained on a long-term basis.

We carefully train and look after our employees, in order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

We structure risk transfer solutions that guarantee our clients' needs.

We organise ourselves based on the needs of our clients.

We train the regional personnel, So that they obtain an internationally renowned professional level.



To maximise the expected
profit of our Clients.

To obtain the integral optimization
of the Risk Transfer Programme

Area of Service:


Each Client is unique

The first consultation is always of an individual nature. Therefore, we take the necessary time after the first meeting to identify the Client's needs.

The assessment given to our clients consists of the following:
  • Identification, analysis and evaluation
    of risks
  • Specific studies of the cover requirements
  • Analysis of terms and conditions
    of the Insurance programme
  • Design and creation of efficient insurance programmes

Area of Service:

Risk Engineering

Aggregate value
that distinguishes us

Risk Engineering is an indispensable tool.
It is the link between the exposure of the Risk and the Transfer of the Risk.

With our Risk Engineering methodology
we identify and analyse the different risks
in order to prevent accidents that may affect the physical integrity of people and property, the image or even the continuity of the company's business. As well as avoiding unnecessary costs.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish
an adequate risk management policy
that includes the integration and application
of a methodology capable of identifying
and analysing the different risks.

Area of Service:


When prevention and the protection systems are unable
to prevent a loss, complications begin to appear.

This is when assessment and support of professionals that provide technical and expert knowledge is required, who know their way around the insurance sector.

It is of vital importance to have qualified assessment towards the action of the loss adjusters, providing an independent, disinterested and precise valuation in order to reduce the process times to a minimum.

Area of Service:


We are committed to the searching of solutions in International Markets and provide support to our clients for their capacity requirements.

To work with Reinsurers of excellent risk classification is a requirement.

A team consisting of specialists in reinsurance with vast experience in both the local and international market results in rapid and efficient access to the best products available in the Worldwide Reinsurance System of the main markets.

  • To offer bespoke solutions, attending to the specific requirements of our clients.
  • To obtain worldwide reinsurance capacity orientated towards the local market.
  • To give assessment in integral and professional Reinsurance.
  • To create reinsurance products with an aggregate and innovative value.
  • To allow the Reinsurers to identify our clients' real needs.
  • To find the least volatile reinsurance possible.

Area of Service:

Loss Adjustement






Perfect Ajdustment


The professional investigation guarantees the solution of the actual problems.

The Shortest Time Possible

The rapid taking of decisions reduces the time of the Adjustment cycle.

TAU utilises all the knowledge acquired during its years of experience specialising in Adjustments of:
  • Erection and Construction All Risk
  • Advanced Loss of Profits
  • Fire, explosion, etc.
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Loss of Profit
  • Catastrophic Risks

Crisis and Insurance

The insurance sector has also been affected by the present economical crisis and has had to modify its paradigms, attempting to make the weight of the technical results, the basis of the insurance business, increase in spite of the financial situation.

Changes in the calculation methodology

The authorities that control the Insurance and Reinsurance Market are changing the method In which the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies calculate their risk cover capital. The method used Is the capital adjusted to the risk model known as Solvency II, which imposes a price and capital adequate for the risk to be taken, and which should adjust as far as possible to reality.

As well as being, one must also appear to be

It is very important to present the values of the Insured In an adequate manner, increasing the quality of the information presented to the Reinsurance Market, so that It can perceive the Importance given by those responsible for the companies and thereby avoid the possibility of incurring inadequate transfer costs being charged to the actual risk, as a result of inaccurate Information.

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Advanced Risk Management Correduría de Seguros

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Teresa Tovar

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Prevention can save lives,
avoid catastrophes,
and even prevent bankruptcy.

At TAU we have risk specialized engineers and professionals from various areas who conduct proven and optimized Risk Management programs with which we guarantee precise results:

  • Prevention of events, accidents and losses.
  • Reduction of events, accidents and losses.
  • Optimization of the cost and the terms and conditions of Risk Transfer.

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When prevention
have not been able
to avoid the accident

A loss can have devastating effects
for a company

Collecting the insurance in a timely manner
is a difficult task.

Our customers count on all TAU IRMS experience
to reduce the time of Loss Adjustment and compensation.

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